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The global popularity of SUV has continued for a long time.
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SUV is an acronym for "Sport Utility Vehicle" .
Some SUV are equipped with four-wheel drive (4WD), which allows them to travel off-road. However, there are also more urban SUV, which is also a recent trend, and there is also a 2WD setting here.

If you compare its main features with sedans, it will be "high minimum ground clearance", "high vehicle height", and "two boxes where the cabin and trunk are not separated", but all SUV have minimum ground clearance. SUV, which are not necessarily more expensive than sedans and are not much different from sedans, tend to be popular.
So, roughly speaking, if the car is recommended by the manufacturer, saying that it can be used not only in the city but also outdoors, it can be classified as an SUV.

It can be said that the latest SUV trend has three trends.
As represented by the Toyota Yaris Cross, it is a compact size that can be easily handled for city riding.
Like the Toyota RAV4, it is a middle-sized vehicle that offers full-fledged off-road performance while offering excellent everyday usability.
And like Suzuki's Jimny, it's the type that fits the outdoor world, both inside and out.

I will explain three popular body sizes for SUV sizes.

[Compact SUV]
It is a derivative model based on a compact car like the Toyota Yaris Cross, and an SUV developed by making use of the know-how of making compact cars like the Suzuki Crosby and Honda Vezel. The main sizes are those that fit in the 5-number size under m, and those that slightly exceed.
The engine displacement is about 1.0L to 1.5L, and there is also a hybrid model. The characteristics are that it is easy to handle, although it is not as good as a light SUV, and that there is plenty of room in the rear seats to accommodate five people.
One of the attractions is that there are many models with good fuel efficiency in WLTC mode among SUVs. It is easy to use as a family car with small children, and is recommended for those who want to keep maintenance costs down.

[Middle SUV]
SUV that have high on-road comfort and a certain level of off-road performance, such as the Toyota RAV4, which has been very popular since it was revived in 2019, and the Mazda CX-5, which has a variety of power units. will increase.
The body size is about 4.5m in total length, and most of them exceed 1.8m in width. The displacement has also increased from 2.0L to 2.5L, and the options for hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and diesel engines are increasing.
It is characterized by powerful and high-quality driving that can be easily used for cruising on highways, as well as a full range of comfortable equipment and advanced safe driving support technology.
Cross-country SUVs with full-fledged off-road performance are also available from middle-sized SUVs, so it is recommended for those who want to use it not only in the city but also for outdoor sports and those who want a higher level of comfort.

[Large SUV]
A large SUV is an SUV that is perfect for travel and leisure, even though it has a large body size that cannot be said to be suitable for city driving.
The body size is nearly 5m in length, and many of them have a large overall width and displacement.
Recently, not only off-road vehicles, but also premium SUVs of this class have appeared, mainly imported vehicles, Land Cruiser, Prado, Nissan Safari etc.

The global popularity of SUV will continue.

If you are interested in exporting SUV & Pickup, please refer to our list.
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