Special truck : Mitsubishi Super Great V“Spider”

MITSUBISHI FUSO made this new special truck [Mitsubishi Super Great V“Spider”] which was released in Tokyo Motor Show 2015.

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It has four special crane which are difference type.And the tracter head is so powerful.
And about running system , it has "Power cut-off automatic control system , this system is able to make better fuel consumption than other normal truck.

If you have this special truck , you can do anything !

Total truck weight : 25 ton
Fuel consumption : 4.25km / 1 litter
Engine : 6R10
Maximum power : 279kW(380PS)/1800rpm

MITSUBISHI FUSO Truck is most popular truck in Japanese market.
So it's one of best truck company in all over the world.
I know there are so many Fuso Trucks in your country which were made in Japan.

If you are interested to import Fuso truck , please let us know !


And I know bits of knowledge about name of "FUSO".
"FUSO" is mean alias of "JAPAN" , Japanese language is "扶桑".

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