Toyota announces service to provide "evolution of car"

In recent years, Toyota has accelerated the speed of automobile development while working on motor sports activities in collaboration with ROOKIE Racing.
The initiative announced this time is to make the vehicle update and personalization practiced in the race available to users of commercial vehicles through the subscription service KINTO, and it is a total including "evolution of the car". The purpose is to provide vehicles for.

The elements are "timely update" and "personalization tailored to the user". At the moment, the following service contents are being considered.

Optimized the basic performance of "running", "turning" and "stopping" of the car by reflecting the latest software in line with technological innovation
Software updates at each GR garage store (excluding some stores)
A specific update menu will be released around the spring of 2022.
The cost is included in KINTO's monthly usage fee (some paid menus are available)

Customize vehicle software to suit each individual based on user driving data
Aiming for the evolution of cars that are close to "people" in the future

Toyota has decided to try KINTO's vehicles first from the viewpoint that it is relatively easy to communicate with users about the service to update and evolve this software. The specific product is the newly set GR Yaris RZ "High Performance Morizou Selection". This model is based on the "GR Yaris RZ" High Performance "" and has the following customizations associated with Morizou and ROOKIE Racing.

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