On May 10, 2021, Toyota Motor partially improved the "JPN TAXI (Japan Taxi)" and started selling it.

This time, "Nanoe X", which releases 10 times the amount of fine particle ions containing OH radicals, which are said to be effective in suppressing viruses and bacteria, is used for the air conditioner outlets in the driver's seat and passenger seat. A half-seat cover (deluxe type) using the visible light responsive photocatalyst "V-CAT" that exhibits antibacterial performance by visible light such as sunlight and LED lighting is available as an option. In addition, a conlight that automatically turns on / off the light with an illuminance sensor is standard equipment, and an accessory outlet (AC100V / 1500W, one outlet) that can supply power in an emergency such as a power outage is available as an option on all models. In addition, a buzzer and a display warn you that you have forgotten to tighten the fuel lid.

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