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EVERY’S STRENGTH ~ 5 Strong Pillars that Define us and Make us Unique ~

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Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis

Ringlen Wolphagen

Dear Director Watabe: Special greetings to you & everyone! Please be advised that Kyowa Cattleya arrived Pohnpei last week on the 29th of May and just today, I was able to get the Mitsubishi Chariot from our Port and hand it over to the new owner Mr. Allan Barnard. Mr. Barnard and I were very &...

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EVERY facilities is evolving!
EVERY facilities is evolving!

Hi,this is Yamazaki. EVERY When was moved recently I’ll know more. I can do maintenance work if there is a garage to a new location, but I got a strong helper! Got it! There are nearly 10 times ...

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