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BMW launched a new crossover model “X7” in Japan on June 24, 2019. Released in November 2018 in Europe.

Bigger than BMW X5 X6 BMW’s largest ever, the finest SUV model A new flagship crossover.

The production plan has already been announced by BMW and it is no mistake that it is the most luxurious interior and exterior of the highest grade SUV. About two years ago BMW has been developing with Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Royce’s first crossover SUV “Chalinan” is said to adopt a common platform.

The platform used is a new lightweight platform “CLAR” that uses CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced resin) adopted from the new 7 series. It is lightweighting with carbon fiber, high strength steel, aluminum, magnesium and plastic. Extending the full length from the BMW “X5”, it will be a three-seater seat with seven or six seats. The four-wheel drive “xDrive” is adopted.


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