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Record of business trip / MONGOLIAN

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My first visit to Mongolian is 2013year January.
Mongolian is big market for Japanese used car because over 90% cars in Mongolian road is Japanese used car.
They love so much for Japanese used car and parts.
Especially , hybrid cars are most popular because the import tax is lower than normal engine.

Mongolian popular is only 3 million , but there is big , so Mongolian economy will be grow so much for near future.

There are many show room and bond for used cars in Ulanbaatar , and their most stock are from Japan.

Popular models ;
Toyota Land cruiser , Prado , Prius , Estima Hybrid , Harrier , and Nissan hybrid , Honda hybrid , etc ,,,
Of course Japanese truck is also popular.

Our Mongolian team strength is for used truck because the team is professional for used truck.
We can find any Japanese used truck and parts.

One of our partner has coming to Japan now and buying used truck.
And then we will export them.

Mongolian economy will grow more , therefore , the transport business will be so big.
If you make the transport business in Mongolian , you can make big profit sure.

And our team can help you for your success.

Best regards,

Yuichiro Watabe

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