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Engine was renewed / MITSUBISHI PAJERO 2012 year model

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This MITSUBISHI PAJERO was broken cause by engine trouble.
But our repairing team was renewed the new engine.
Now , current condition is perfect as like brand new car.

We have professional repairing team for any accident vehicle.

If the car is stopped engine , we can make to repair perfect.
If the truck has too big damages and can not move to anywhere , we can make to repair perfect.
Of course if they have to get pre-ship inspection , there is no any problem , they can get the inspection.

And you know damaged vehicle is most lowest price.
So if you can wait till to repair perfect , we can ship the perfect unit to you.

Our repairing level is perfect and you will be able to get big profit.

Best regards,

CEO Yuichiro Watabe

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