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TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO GDJ151W / Customer's review from Kenya

2017Year December

We received the photo from a customer in Kenya who purchased a late 150-series LAND CRUISER PRADO.
With the recovery of new car sales, the price of used 150 series LAND CRUISER PRADO has come down in the Japanese market.

There is not much difference in price between the diesel and gasoline models, and we will suggest the best LAND CRUISER PRADO for you depending on your preference, but personally I personally recommend the diesel model, and I will include the reasons in this article.

On September 12, 2017, coinciding with the introduction of the Hilux to the Japanese market for the first time in 13 years, the Prado underwent its second minor change to the later stage of the current model. The face has undergone a major impression change, with the large front grille more integrated with the headlights, the headlights now fully LED on all models, and the design around the fog lights redesigned to a more square shape. At the rear, the protruding taillights have been reduced and the design of the trim has been changed. The interior of the dashboard has undergone a major transformation, with a thin, tablet-shaped navigation system and metallic decorations on the instrument panels and other areas to enhance the car's high quality. The evolution of the Prado into a full-fledged XC 4WD with a more urban atmosphere has given a boost to SUV-like aero customization in addition to the mainstream off-road style, and has created the current Prado customization boom.

The diesel engine installed in the Land Cruiser Prado is a newly developed inline 4-cylinder 2.8-liter "1GD-FTV" type. Maximum power is 177 hp (at 3400 rpm) and maximum torque is 45.9 kg-m (at 1600-2400 rpm).

Since the Land Cruiser Prado is an L-size off-road SUV with a durable chassis and suspension, the vehicle weight of the diesel model is 2160 kg for the lightest TX and 2300 kg for the top-of-the-line TZ-G we tested. Because it is not the same as a gasoline engine that blows up well, it is not good for driving where acceleration times are measured, but it is excellent for the relaxed driving feel of an off-road SUV.

It is in serious off-road driving that the advantages of this engine characteristic are maximized. When driving carefully at walking speed over bumpy, rough terrain, the engine speed naturally drops. In addition, the uphill, sandy and rocky terrain is very resistant, so the driving power at low revs is extremely important. In these situations, the diesel engine of the Land Cruiser Prado will impress even more.

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