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NISSAN CIVILIAN BUS TD42 Engine / Customer's review from Tanzania

TD42 Engine

We received these photos from a customer who purchased a Nissan Civilian to be used in a kindergarten in Tanzania.
The NISSAN CIVILIAN BUS is one of the most popular microbuses in Japan, and there are many kindergarten buses on the Japanese used car market.
We hope that this Civilian bus will bring smiles to the faces of Tanzanian children for a long time to come.

The features of this TD42 NISSAN CIVILIAN BUS are;

1. High-class exterior that rivals large sightseeing buses
The exterior adopts a square design with a high roof. In addition, the large plastic front bumper expresses a dynamic atmosphere.
The front fascia is flush with the laminated glass.
The design of the roof area is seamless, with no roof drip, and the large side windows create a clean, high-quality side view.

2. Interior Designed for Comfort and Spaciousness
The interior expresses a sense of brightness and openness through large side windows.
The interior length of 6,280 mm for long body and 5,560 mm for standard body is the longest in its class, while the interior width of 1,900 mm and interior height of 1,820 mm provide ample space.
(Some models have different specifications.)
In the 29-seat long body, the seats are 910 mm wide for two passengers and 465 mm wide for one passenger, providing a comfortable and spacious seating environment. The seat pitch is 750 mm, providing ample legroom.
Sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials are effectively placed around the front floor, front panel, and body sides to improve quietness.
The air conditioner is located at the front of the vehicle, and its pipe diameter has been enlarged to improve cooling efficiency, and the compressor capacity has been increased to achieve comfortable air conditioning performance.
The electronic odometer display has a larger font size for improved visibility. Dual trip meters have also been adopted for improved usability. In addition, an electric mirror has been installed on the passenger side, and the driver's lamp is now linked to the door switch on vehicles equipped with a radiator, for the convenience of the driver.
The side windows of the Super Limousine are the first in its class to feature the double glazing used on Shinkansen bullet trains, which improves thermal and sound insulation and reduces condensation.
Various green-related interior features have been adopted to make the interior more comfortable. For example, the steering wheel, gear knob, parking brake lever and passenger assist handles are antibacterial, and UV-cut insulating green glass and privacy glass are available as options.

3. Outstanding ease of entry and exit with "people-friendly" features
Three steps are used at the entry/exit to make it easier to get in and out of the car. The baby carriage has four steps instead of the conventional three.
The step height at the entry/exit is 280 mm for folding doors and 340 mm for swing doors (285 mm/345 mm for vehicles with air suspension). The step pitch is 195mm/240mm for folding doors and 185mm/190mm for swing doors (both lower/upper steps), which is much shorter than before, enabling easier entry and exit.

4. Superior driving performance
The TD42T engine delivers 160 hp maximum power and improved torque throughout the rpm range by changing the shape of the combustion chamber and optimizing the amount and timing of fuel injection.
<Maximum power: 160 hp at 3,600 rpm, maximum torque: 35.7 kg-m at 2,000 rpm (net).
The minimum turning radius is 6.4 m for the long body and 5.9 m for the standard body, which is the best in its class in terms of handling performance.

5. High safety and environmental friendliness
Nissan is committed to creating vehicles with even higher levels of safety based on its safety philosophy of "Triple Safety" (three safety strongholds). Based on this "Triple Safety" philosophy, the new "Civilian" adopts a series of safety technologies to achieve the highest level of safety.

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