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TOYOTA HIACE VAN | Customer's review from Zambia

2006 Year
2,500cc / 2KD Engine

Comment : Thank you so much, I got the Hiacevan KDH205V. Nice one.

The KR-KDH205V is one of the Hiace van models manufactured and sold by Toyota Motor Corporation.
The KR-KDH205V is equipped with a 2KD engine and can carry luggage and passengers, making it widely used for cargo and transportation.
The 2KD engine is one of the diesel engines manufactured and marketed by Toyota Motor Corporation.The 2KD engine is an in-line four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.5 litres. The 2KD engine is widely used in Toyota vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, as it is known for its high fuel efficiency and reliability.

In Zambia, Hiace vans are mainly used for public transport such as taxis and buses, while the Super GL is often used for domestic purposes.

The TOYOTA HIACE VAN is Toyota's world-class van.
They will serve you for a long time if you keep up with their maintenance and we highly recommend them.

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