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TOYOTA HIACE COMMUTER / Customer’s review from Zambia

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2006Year / CBF-TRH223B / 48,000km

This HIACE COMMUTER is commonly known as "Wel Cab" and was used at nursing homes for people in wheelchairs.

TOYOTA HIACE COMMUTER is mainly 14-passenger , used as a pick-up car for kindergartens and inns, and has a 2.7L gasoline engine and a 2.8L diesel engine.

The body size is 5,380mm in length, 1,880mm in width, and 2,285mm in height.
"Super long", "wide body", and "high roof" make it the largest body of the entire TOYOTA HIACE 200 series.
The interior length is 4,250 mm, the interior width is 1,730 mm, and the interior height is 1,565 mm.

Many welcabs are distributed in the Japanese used car market, and after being used in nursing care facilities, many Welcabs are exported overseas. .

This customer also received an order for delivery to a nursing care facility in Zambia.
The mileage is still less than 50,000 km and it has been regularly maintained, so it will probably be active in Zambia for the next 10 years or more.

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